The horrific vehicle attacks on pedestrians across the world, in Berlin and London, Nice and Barcelona and Melbourne and Charlottesville have thrown the spotlight on security at outdoor events.

While the random nature of the events makes them hard to predict, it is also difficult to prevent heavy vehicles from careering onto pavements and gatecrashing temporary gatherings.

This is because unlike permanent security defences, the majority of temporary security products, such as concrete blocks, are not capable of performing to the required PAS 68 standard, or else they are unable to offer pedestrians free access in and out of outdoor events without creating a barrier to them as well.

Now, Securiscape has introduced a security product that solves these problems. Introduced in summer 2017, our unique SecuriPod security system offers a fully tried and tested defence for any outdoor event held in a public space, whether it’s a street carnival, food and drink fair, music festival or Christmas market.


It consists of a series of 2.3m-tall galvanised steel SecuriPods, each measuring 1.5m in diameter and linked to one another by three steel cables, two at the base and one at the top.

Each pod weighs 620kg, which is a fraction of the weight of a concrete block, and they are spaced 1.2m apart, wide enough to allow pedestrians, including wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs, through but too narrow for a vehicle.

The secret to their success is their design, because when they are hit by a car or truck, the pods tip over, causing the two base-mounted cables to rise into the air.

These cables then come into contact with the vehicle’s front wheels and wrap around them, which immediately immobilises the vehicle.

In fact, in tests at Mira, the SecuriPods successfully arrested a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 20mph, bringing it to a total stop in just five metres.

SecuriPods specification:

  • SecuriPods are available to rent and are installed by trained Securiscape staff prior to your event;
  • They can block off a 10m-wide road in just 15 minutes and more Pods can be easily added to cover a wider entrance.
  • Their tough plastic covering can be supplied in any colour you want and are ideally suited to carrying advertising messages, information or directional signs.

Mark Stone, managing director of Securiscape, said: “Our SecuriPods are a truly innovative and fully tested solution to the problem of protecting pedestrians attending events in locations where there are no permanent defences present.

“They can be installed and removed in seconds, there is no damage or disruption to the road surface and they can be branded so that they can become part of the event itself.”


For more information on our complete range of security street furniture products,

contact our sales team by ringing 01335 370979 or drop them an email

"Our Street furniture provides a practical answer to protecting people and property and include benches, seats, tree surrounds, bicycle racks and more. In fact, 100's of applications"

Mark Stone

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