Personal Space Protection (PSP)

It is every householder’s nightmare: a late-night break-in followed by the approaching sounds of an intruder on the stairs and the growing fear of coming face to face with a stranger who may be willing to hurt you to in order to get what they want.

In those precious seconds, you need somewhere you know you can be safe – which is why Securiscape has developed the SECURISCAPE PERSONAL SPACE PROTECTION (PSP) system, which can convert a wardrobe or cupboard into a self-contained, secure safe room until the police arrive.

In fact, most people who are confronted don’t get the chance to choose and, while many survive shaken but unscathed, others are less lucky and can end up being badly injured by invaders who resort to violence.

There are more than 1,000 of these so-called aggravated burglaries in the UK each year and the continuing threat of such an invasion has led to an increase in the installation of safe rooms, also known as panic rooms: purpose-adapted spaces where residents can retreat to, sometimes through hidden entrances, at the first sign of a break-in.

However, many people do not have the space or budget to convert a whole room, which is why leading security equipment installer Securiscape has now launched SECURISCAPE-Personal Space Protection (PSP), a service which can transform a simple walk-in wardrobe into a self-contained protected haven, ensuring that anyone who is inside remains safe from harm should an intruder invade their home.

Also suitable for an office or similar place of work, SECURISCAPE PSP uses a variety of techniques and equipment to ensure that occupants can remove themselves from danger until help arrives. They include a panic button activating an alarm linked to a local police station, a dedicated air supply from the outside and a self-contained electricity supply and separate telephone line.

They are also fitted with heavy-duty doors, frames and jambs, plus tough panels to ensure that they cannot be broken into by even the most determined intruder.

Mark Stone, managing director of Securiscape, said: “People are familiar with the idea of a panic, or safe, room but for many property owners, creating one isn’t practical or possible. In many cases, they might be situated where it is impossible to get to without coming face to face with an intruder.

“A SECURISCAPE PSP can be created in first floor bedroom walk-in wardrobes, an en-suite bathroom or, in the work place, a store cupboard, as long as it is large enough to fit the occupants in and accessible at all times of the day or night.

“They are only meant to be used for half an hour or so but we take every step to ensure that they are completely impregnable, keeping a householder’s most precious possession of all, their family, fully protected until the police arrive and it is safe to come out.”

Securiscape has many years’ experience developing and fitting security planters outside luxury buildings and headquarters of large corporations and its SECURISCAPE PSP concept is the result of extensive R&D work in partnership with quality time-served suppliers.

The cost of installation includes a full on-site assessment to ensure that each SECURISCAPE PSP is tailor-made to meet each customers’ precise requirements.


  • Transform a simple walk-in wardrobe into a self-contained protected haven
  • Avoid violent confrontations with intruders
  • Provide a safe hiding place for your family
  • Suitable for home or office
  • Fully protected until the police arrive and it is safe to come out
  • Heavy-duty doors, frames and jambs

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"Our Street furniture provides a practical answer to protecting people and property and include benches, seats, tree surrounds, bicycle racks and more. In fact, 100's of applications"

Mark Stone

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