HVM Guardrail

Securiscape’s IWA-14-rated HVM Guardrail systems are a life-saver for pedestrians

Launched at a meeting of 80 police security officers and representatives from a host of Government representatives, Securiscape’s HVM Guardrail systems have the potential to save the lives of pedestrians all over the country.

Consisting of our HVM Guardrail and our new HVM Socketed Guardrail our systems are a game-changer for UK street security.

Both are capable of stopping a 2.5 tonne pick-up truck travelling at 30mph, earning them both the coveted IWA-14 rating in our Highways England test, meaning that while they are indistinguishable from the thousands of miles worth of pedestrian guardrails installed in towns and cities all over the country, they can prevent vehicles from mounting the pavement and causing harm and fatalities.

This is not the case with standard pedestrian guardrails, which are only meant to stop pedestrians from accessing the road.

Both systems rely on our Smartposts, which can be installed into the ground using ordinary Postcrete in the case of the HVM Guardrail or fitted into a socket embedded into the pavement in the case of the Socketed version, which requires only a shallow excavation because it is designed so that any force from a collision is cleverly dissipated along the length of the fencing.

The result is that our life-saving HVM Guardrail systems can be easily installed virtually anywhere, including, in the case of our HVM Socketed Guardrails, road bridges, and they have a host of other benefits too, including:

  • Reduced time and cost due to the adaptation of existing technology.
  • Heavy-duty protection without the use of ugly barriers.
  • No need for planning permission because the system replaces like-for-like guardrails.
  • The capacity to replace each fence panel individually.
  • The capability to fit ornate railings into our HVM Socketed Guardrail system for iconic locations and landmarks.

It is possible for us to supply and fit a series of HVM Guardrails in a matter of mere weeks, meaning a school, bridge walkway, company premises or public building can be protected in as short a time as possible.

Get in touch, by phone or via our Contact Page, today to find out more and book a visit from one of our experts.

HVM Guardrail
HVM Guardrail

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The Securiscape HVM Guardrail is designed and tested to withstand either vehicle borne attack or protection in event of a road traffic accident

"Our Street furniture provides a practical answer to protecting people and property and include benches, seats, tree surrounds, bicycle racks and more. In fact, 100's of applications"

Mark Stone

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