The PAS 68 Planter
Nobody wants to live or work in a fortress but in an unstable world filled with uncertainty, how can you act to protect your staff and premises from attack without creating a climate of fear? The answer is to use measures such as our PAS 68 planters, which can stop and disable a 7.5 tonne truck while enhancing your surroundings with an attractive floral display.
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The Security Bollard
You only get one chance to protect your premises, which is why more and more people are taking no chances and fitting Securiscape’s security steel anti-ram PAS68 bollards, which are easy-to-fit and capable of stopping even the most determined attacker in their tracks.
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Street Furniture
At Securiscape we specialise in designing and fitting products capable of protecting your premises but we recognise that function is important too. That’s why our street furniture helps people to live and work, and creates an impenetrable barrier to vehicles at the same time.
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Rise & Fall Kerb
Not every vehicle that turns up at your premises is expected or welcome, which is why you need to ensure that they keep a safe distance until you can give them the all-clear or send them away. Our manually operated Rise and Fall Kerb is an easy-to-fit solution and is ideal for limited budgets and locations where there is no power supply.
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HVM Guardrail
Launched at a meeting of 80 police security officers and representatives from a host of Government representatives, Securiscape’s exciting new HVM Guardrail system has the potential to save the lives of pedestrians all over the country. Indistinguishable from the thousands of miles worth of pedestrian guardrails installed in towns and cities all over the country, Securiscape’s system has one major difference – it can prevent vehicles from mounting the pavement and causing harm and fatalities.
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Blast Resistant Bin
There is no doubt that litter bins make it easy for terrorists intent on killing people and causing damage to hide and then set off a bomb, which is why they were absent from railway stations and civic centres for many years. Now, technology has caught up with the terrorists and litter bins that are capable of containing a blast from a bomb are being introduced onto the UK’s streets. Among them are Securiscape’s own bomb-proof bins, which have undergone fully two years’ worth of testing at a Government-approved test centre.
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The horrific vehicle attacks on pedestrians across the world, in Berlin and London, Nice and Barcelona and Melbourne and Charlottesville have thrown the spotlight on security at outdoor events. While the random nature of the events makes them hard to predict, it is also difficult to prevent heavy vehicles from careering onto pavements and gatecrashing temporary gatherings.
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Personal Space Protection (PSP)
It is every householder’s nightmare: a late-night break-in followed by the approaching sounds of an intruder on the stairs and the growing fear of coming face to face with a stranger who may be willing to hurt to in order to get what they want. In those precious seconds, you need somewhere you know you can be safe – which is why Securiscape has developed the SECURISCAPE PERSONAL SPACE PROTECTION (PSP) system, which can convert a wardrobe or cupboard into a self-contained, secure safe room until the police arrive.
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"Our Street furniture provides a practical answer to protecting people and property and include benches, seats, tree surrounds, bicycle racks and more. In fact, 100's of applications"

Mark Stone

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