WHAT IS PAS 68: 2010?

PAS 68 is the UK security standard specification when it comes to impact testing of vehicle security, which means that products bearing this standard are the best available on the market.

All of Securiscape’s security barrier products, from our planters to our street furniture, steel security bollards and rise and fall kerb, have been successfully tested to the exacting PAS 68: 2010 standard at MIRA’s respected testing facility.

In the highly regulated and monitored tests, driverless vehicles of varying weights, from cars to 7.5 tonne flatbed trucks, are impacted into our security products at set speeds. Following the impact, staff measure how far the vehicles have penetrated beyond the position of the security bollard, planter or rise and fall blockout kerb, using specific points on the vehicle’s N1G base of the A pillar and N2 to the front leading edge of the load bed.

The idea is to ensure that the vehicles aren’t just slowed by the security bollard or planter, but that they are stopped, as well as disabled, ensuring that they cannot be used to carry on their journey.

As you can see by our videos, our PAS68: 2010 security bollards, street planters and kerbs withstood the impact, stopping the vehicles and causing sufficient damage to disable the vehicle. This proves that, in the event of an attack, they will stand their ground, saving lives and preserving property, offering effective security combined with aesthetic design to enhance the street and landscape.

The effect is to create a discreet security barrier that will provide the highest possible protection for your premises without creating a fortress and instilling a fear of being under attack amongst staff, visitors and passers-by.

Yet what sets them apart from the competition is the ease with which they can be installed – we use the shallowest fixings in the industry for our planters, which have even been retro-fitted to existing landscaping projects without disturbing underground services.

For more information on our complete range of PAS 68 products, contact our sales team by ringing 01335 370979 or drop us an email.

“Our street furniture provides a practical answer to protecting people and property and include benches, seats, tree surrounds, bicycle racks and more. In fact, there are hundreds of applications!”


"Our Street furniture provides a practical answer to protecting people and property and include benches, seats, tree surrounds, bicycle racks and more. In fact, 100's of applications"

Mark Stone

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