Temporary HVM products SecuriPods create peace of mind at Derbyshire Pride


Hundreds of people were able to enjoy the party with an extra feeling of security when our innovative temporary HVM SecuriPods made their official debut at a Midlands LGBT event.

Six Securipods, which can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes, were placed across a road being used to host the Derbyshire Pride event in the centre of Derby in early September.

Temporary HVM products SecuriPods create peace of mind at Derbyshire Pride

Designed and manufactured by Securiscape, the pods are capable of bringing any vehicle, including an 18-tonne truck, to a controlled stop in a matter of seconds.

Weighing 79cm high and weighing 450kg, the pods earned their international IWA 14 rating in tests earlier this year.

They consist of cube-shaped frames bristling with steel fins and covered with tough recycled polyethylene, and are designed to be placed 1.2m apart - wide enough to allow pedestrians, families with pushchairs, cyclists and people in wheelchairs free access, but close together enough to stop a vehicle from passing through unobstructed.

They are also designed to incorporate a floral display and can also be supplied in different colours to match the branding of the event they are being used to protect.

Mark Stone, managing director of Securiscape, said: “We installed our previous version of SecuriPods at the same event last year. Not only did they cause a real stir, the event organisers told us how they gave them peace of mind.

“Since then they have undergone a significant redesign, which has resulted in cheaper transportation costs because we can transport 54 SecuriPods at any one time, compared to 13 of the previous models.

“They are also more straightforward to install and so all-in-all, last weekend’s installation was a complete success.”

Andy Brown, organiser of the Derbyshire Pride event, said: “The event was bigger than ever this year and the Securipods are great because they give us that extra feeling of security.

“Once again Securiscape were brilliant, they delivered and removed the Securipods on time, so overall we’re very happy.”

Securiscape was set up 13 years ago and we also manufacture and supply a range of security street furniture, including defensive planters and ballistic litter bins.

Our planters have been installed outside a host of buildings across the UK, including Birmingham’s New Street station and the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

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"Our Street furniture provides a practical answer to protecting people and property and include benches, seats, tree surrounds, bicycle racks and more. In fact, 100's of applications"

Mark Stone

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