Securiscape’s PAS68 SecuriPods bring safety and peace of mind to public spaces


They are the incidents that have caused revulsion all over the world: attackers using trucks and vans to target crowds of pedestrians gathering for temporary public events, causing death and serious injuries.

Now, leading security products manufacturer Securiscape has launched a truly unique and innovative defence mechanism which is designed to stop and immobilise the vehicles well before they reach their intended targets.


Called SECURIPODS, the products are surface-mounted – meaning they can be installed in a matter of minutes and are perfect for temporary events – and will create a reassuring security barrier to encircle events such as street festivals and winter markets or stretched across a pedestrianised thoroughfare.

Each pod is made from tough galvanised steel covered in a smart, plastic shroud which can be used for advertising or branding to promote the event. They each weigh 620kg, measure seven foot tall and are linked together using 1.2m-long steel cables.

Pedestrians are able to pass freely between the SecuriPods, but should a vehicle, such as a van or a truck, attempt the same thing, it cannot do so without striking one of the pods.

This collision will cause the SecuriPods to tilt over – reminiscent of the Weebles child’s toy – and, as the vehicle continues to move forward, pull other pods along with it. This causes the SecuriPods to cluster around the vehicle, with the cables wrapping themselves around the cab and the front wheels like the fibres of a spider’s web, stopping them from turning.

In a test held at Mira’s test facility in Leicestershire, our SecuriPods stopped a 7.5 tonne lorry travelling at 20mph in just five metres. The cab doors were pinned shut by the cables – preventing a driver from escaping – and, although the engine was still running, the truck was rendered immobile.

Our SecuriPods are designed to make defence cost-effective and are available on a rental basis and will be delivered, installed and removed by our trained Securiscape staff.

Mark Stone, managing director of Securiscape, said: “Our SecuriPods are a highly effective defence mechanism capable of preventing the horrific incidents we have seen in Nice and Berlin over the past year or so.

“They are capable to protecting public events held in locations which are otherwise vulnerable to an attack because they do not have permanent street defences like security planters or bollards in place, or where organisers want to avoid creating a climate of fear by installing unsightly concrete barriers.

“Each SecuriPods, meanwhile, can be wrapped in any colour of plastic or used as branding devices so that they perform as decorative gateways to an event, quite apart from their life-saving capability.”

This concept of providing security without detracting from the appearance of the surroundings lies at the heart of Securiscape’s operation.

Our security street planters have been used to enhance the exterior of Birmingham New Street Station and the Broadgate development in Central London, while we also manufacture and supply decorative bollards and street furniture such as benches and bike racks, all of which can resist vehicle-borne attacks.

Securiscape has also developed a bomb-proof litter bin, which has been given a maximum 10-star rating under the Home Office’s standard “determination of the explosive resistance of litter and recycling bins test, the only standard recommended by the UK Government and supported by the CPNI.

For more information on our SecuriPods or any of our other security street furniture products then contact our sales teams by ringing 01335 370979 or drop them an email.


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"Our Street furniture provides a practical answer to protecting people and property and include benches, seats, tree surrounds, bicycle racks and more. In fact, 100's of applications"

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