Four ways to make your temporary HVM security work harder


Ensuring that everyone who attends an outdoor event is safe from harm has always been at the top of the list of priorities and the spate of attacks using vehicles against pedestrians has put the focus on measures designed to deny them entry.

Temporary HVM security

A wide range of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) products designed to stop them in their tracks, either by relying on sheer weight or by innovative use of technology, are now available, ensuring that organisers can enjoy peace of mind.

One drawback of many of the products, however, is an obvious one: people come to the events to enjoy themselves and any hint of heavy-handedness in the security arrangements can make them feel fearful and concerned about the possible risks they face.

This is why the design of temporary HVM measures is concerned as much with being unobtrusive as well as effective and, very importantly, cost-effective, to ensure that entrance to the event does not become unaffordable.

Securiscape’s temporary HVM SecuriPods match all three of these criteria. Not only do they measure just 790cm high and are placed wide enough for pushchairs or wheelchairs to be able to pass between them, they’re tested to the all-important IWA-14 criteria – meaning that they can bring an 18 tonne truck to a complete halt - and they’re light, meaning they’re cheap to transport and install.

But they are capable of much more. Because we install them at the entrance to your event, we’ve borne this in mind to ensure that they have even more uses beyond security.

1. Our SecuriPods are the only temporary HVM products designed to support a floral display, meaning you can create a colourful and natural gateway, perfect if you’re holding a summer fete or horticulture event.

2. The products are covered in a tough plastic covering that can be supplied in any colour you want, which means you can mount a display of your brand colours.

3. You can even go one better by using the space on the SecuriPod for adverts or promotional messages, hiding the Pod itself and giving your’s or a sponsor’s logo a prominent position at the same time.

4. Our SecuriPods can also be used to provide space to leave leaflets or give important visitors’ information, including directions – which is what the organisers of the Nature Valley Open tennis event in Nottingham did when we installed Pods for them.

Alternatively, you might have another way in which our SecuriPods can help you – why not get in touch and discuss your request further?

"Our Street furniture provides a practical answer to protecting people and property and include benches, seats, tree surrounds, bicycle racks and more. In fact, 100's of applications"

Mark Stone

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Four ways to make your temporary HVM security work harder
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